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Rajawali TV Indonesia) (abbreviated to Rajawali Televisi, RTV, previously named RTV (Indonesia), B-Channel) is a national private television station in Indonesia owned by Rajawali Corporation. The TV has a segmentation as the family television. The TV is a television station that is established based broadcasting license of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission and permit the determination of the frequency of the Department of Transportation. The airtime is from 03.30 am until 04.00 am. The TV officially airs on November 1, 2009 in Jakarta as B-Channel. Currently, The TV’s program is more focused on entertainment, soft news and variety show for the family. On May 3, 2014, B-Channel changed its name to RTV at the time of the grand launching Langit Rajawali.

Broadcast coverage
Rajawali TV (Indonesia) broadcast from Greater Jakarta and surrounding areas reaching over 23 UHF frequencies, and reach throughout Indonesia via satellite Palapa D since April 2011 (previously via satellite Apstar 6). Additionally, Rajawali Televisi broadcasts can be watched on a subscription television TransVision, Groovia TV, First Media, BiG TV, aora, Skynindo, and Centrin TV as well local TV stations network in various regions in Indonesia that RTV relay broadcasting. Currently RTV reaches 30 cities in Indonesia.

Source: Wikipedia