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INTV (formerly called Banten TV) is a local networked television station from Jakarta, Indonesia. The station has aired since August 28, 2006. INTV is on Channel 22 UHF and its transmitting location is at S: 06 ° 12 ’57 “; E: 106 ° 40 ’60 “.90,

INTV has a TV tower with 100 m of height and 20 kilowatts of power. As the name implies INTV trying to reach all the viewers in the location around Serang, Cilegon, Pandeglang, Lebak, Anyer, Tangerang, and Labuan. Starting January 2012, The TV has increased its broadcast coverage to Jakarta, Bogor, Depok and Bekasi for the Jabodetabek viewers to enjoy the broadcast. The loyal audience of The TV has reached 5 million viewers. The TV broadcasts 20 hours a day, and will be improved. Along with the increase of broadcast hours, improvements are also being made in both quality and signal of broadcasts.

The programs of INTV is about 32.5% of infomercials, talk shows and public services, 10.0% of Telenovela and Western Serial, 11.0% family and education, 23.6% music, 22.9% news, infotainment and documentary.

INTV focuses on Information, Education and Entertainment. The needs and interests of viewers in the broadcasted program area place more emphasis on local nuances that involve the audience as much as possible such as; interactive programs and off-air event activities to strengthen community penetration.

More audience segments to class B, C1, C2, and D. So the majority of viewers in this region are more classified as lower-middle class.

Source: Wikipedia