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DAAI TV (大 愛 電視) is a television station owned by the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation which is broadcasted in more than 70 countries, including Indonesia. In accordance with its mission, The TV focuses on humanity which focuses on the spread of love across religions, tribes, nations and countries. The broadcast consists of drama, dokunews, talk shows, cartoons, documentaries, and little coverage.

The broadcasting time of This TV Indonesia is every day starting at 05:30 to 00:00 WIB and air for 19.5 hours.

The slogan and motto of DAAI is Television of Love. DAAI with the principle always displays the values ​​of the principles of Truth, Virtue and Beauty. Using the name DAAI because almost the same with the word DA’I is familiar with the activities of Islamic scholars of Indonesia.

The establishment of DAAI TV is not intended to meet commercial needs or provide entertainment. On the contrary, DAAI TV seeks to bring positive and beneficial impressions to the people of Indonesia.

In 2006, DAAI TV as a private TV station in Indonesia began to air terrestrially in Jakarta and Medan.

DAAI continues to bring up the true story unearthed from the story of life’s struggle and the interpersonal love to inspire and reflect the beauty and warmth of life.

DAAI TV wants to invite every human being to realize that he has the capacity to care and love wherever he is. The hope, with the spread of this love, will form a clear flow that can make people become safe, peaceful and free world from disaster.

With the principles of Truth, Virtue and Beauty, DAAI TV comes as a family TV station that brings positive benefits to the people of Indonesia.

Broadcast network
Viewers can watch DAAI TV broadcasts via Palapa D satellite ie First Media, TransVision, Skynindo, aora, HOMELinks, OrangeTV, K-Vision, BiG TV, viva + and also a free broadcast on these satellites across Indonesia. DAAI TV can also be watched streaming over the internet via Free Streaming TV at

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