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Bali TV

Bali TV
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Bali TV is a local television station in Indonesia based in Bali, established under the leadership of Satria Naradha who is the leader of the Bali Post Media Group. Current transmit power is 10 kilowatts emitted from Bukit Bakung, Jimbaran at Channel 49 UHF for Denpasar and 55 UHF for Singaraja region with power transmitter power of 2 kilowatts in Anturan Village.

With the motto Sun from Bali, Bali TV comes as a program focusing on the culture, customs, and uniqueness that is typical of the island of Bali. In addition, the motto Sun from Bali is also derived from the name of the company, namely Rhanada. If translated, the meaning of Rha is Sun in Greek, while Nadha in Sanskrit means enlightening. And when put it together, then the bright sun is the motto and logo Bali TV until now.

Since September 2005, The TV can be seen throughout Indonesia with the Palapa C2 satellite.

Bali TV shows Balinese songs, Hindu-related events and other regional ceremonies. But they also broadcast news (in Indonesian).

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